Seven Ways to Cut Costs on Injection Molded Parts

With injection molding, a variety of factors affect a part’s final cost, including part design, production time, the temperature and pressure used, and the type of plastic resin chosen. However, there are bigger issues to consider long before your part is in the mold. Following some industry best practices will go a long way toward minimizing your part costs without compromising your design goals.

FER-DownloadButtons_CutCosts.pngOur experts put these secrets into a guide, “Seven Ways to Cut Costs on Injected Molded Parts.” It addresses specific ways you can trim costs as you embark on your next custom injection molding project:

  • Manufacturability and part design
  • Selecting the right resin
  • The use of simulation software
  • Part tolerances and product life cycle
  • Consolidating process steps

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