Learn the Secrets of the Injection Molding Process

In any ER room or outpatient medical facility, patients and practitioners rely on sophisticated medical equipment to diagnose and treat illness. These range from machines that beep to those that deliver life-saving therapies, and they are usually housed inside plastic boxes that you may take for granted. But we don’t.

At Ferriot, we’ve carved out and dominated a particular manufacturing niche: We make enclosures for the medical market. It's another market segment where we have accrued experience and insight. Relevant for any manufacturer or engineer, our latest PDF addresses the unique challenges of fabricating a plastic part that is destined for a critical role in the care of someone’s loved one.

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In this industry there are some unique challenges involved in the production of medical products, but the steps we’ll describe apply generally to the production of almost any injection molded part. This free PDF download covers:

  • Types of Medical Injection Molding Projects
  • Liability Matters
  • Scope and Evaluation Process
  • Tool Production
  • Inspection
  • Release to Production
  • Secondary Operations
    ...and much more

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